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  Welcome to The Warhorse Journal Podcast

About Us

 Welcome to a journey where the power of storytelling meets the timeless bond between humans and horses.  It is our goal to connect the horse community and we hope to help you find a touch of inspiration in each episode. 

Our Story

The Warhorse Journal Podcast was created as a companion to the Endurance Horse Podcast. While receiving numerous requests from authors to share their stories on Endurance Horse Podcast, I realized the importance of maintaining its unique focus. Thus, The Warhorse Journal Podcast emerged as a platform to spotlight not only the remarkable riders of our WARHORSE Endurance Challenges but also to delve into broader aspects of our beloved equestrian world. We've been privileged to expand our conversations beyond endurance riding, engaging with authentic equestrians, authors, artists, charities, trainers, and more. Your support means the world to us, and we're grateful for the opportunity to connect with such inspiring guests. Here's a glimpse of some of the incredible individuals we've had the honor to feature.  Feel free to explore their stories and support them through their respective webpages.


Guests of  The Warhorse Journal Podcast

Thank you for being part of The Warhorse Journal Podcast community.

Great Reads

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