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Uniting Passion and Creativity: The Journey of Warhorse Journal

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Warhorse Journal!

We are embarking on a new journey that intertwines our love for horses with the creation of stunning equine art, notebooks, journals, and more. Today, we dive into the development of Endurance Horse Podcast, WARHORSE Endurance Challenges and the most recent addition of The Warhorse Journal Podcast. These platforms have not only encouraged a strong sense of community but have also become a way for riders to connect with and share our, arguably addictive, equine passion with fellow equestrians worldwide.

Our story begins with the Endurance Horse Podcast in 2018, when I was riding along on my spirit horse, Houdini. As we merrily rode through the slushy March trails and I was recording an audio for a running podcast, I let a a giggle and laugh as he cantered up a hill and let er buck! After I had recorded that audio, I had the idea for Endurance Horse Podcast, yes, Houdini (My Ransomed Heart) was my appaloosa muse. Endurance Horse Podcast has grown and developed over the years and although the format has changed, the heart of Endurance Horse Podcast has remained the same, connecting riders of all levels to share the love of miles and trails on a good horse. Endurance Horse Podcast currently has over 55,000 downloads.

As the pandemic hit, it was once again my fledgling pastime of running that ignited inspiration in me to create the WARHORSE Endurance Challenges I had only intended on hosting one event, though the pandemic wore on and the requests for another event grew, and so the Warhorse Endurance Conditioning Challenges community that we now affectionately refer to as the Warhorse Family was created on Facebook. Through these challenges, we witnessed the incredible dedication, perseverance, and unwavering bond between riders and their horses. We have seen horses be born, horses crossing the rainbow bridge into Heaven, participants encouraging each other through it all, even great loses and also through the great wins as participants tried their first endurance events, or obstacle challenges and more. We have truly grown a caring online community that reaches out and helps one another, not only in the group, though as a group to various causes and charities throughout the years. The challenges created a platform for sharing experiences, triumphs, and lessons learned, encouraging a true sense of camaraderie within the Warhorse community.

The Creation of the Warhorse Journal Podcast:

The Warhorse Journal Podcast was created directly in response to need to keep Endurance Horse Podcast focused on what it was created for. As the pandemic lumbered on, we had suffered a great loss early that October when Houdini contracted EPM and we lost him to it quite suddenly, I nearly stopped podcasting. I quite honestly, nearly stopped with horses all together, the earth shattering blow that his loss caused was devestating. I could barely function, the loss of Houdini devastated our whole family, though especially so Jim & I. When we did start up Endurance Horse Podcast again, it had to be about our Houdini, and that was to be in the form of a three part series with all three episodes all about EPM. It was our hope that by sharing his story, that we could help educate others on the small red flags that are often the precursors to the big red flags of EPM. It was a combination of stepping into a new, and dreadful topic along with the several requests that authors had made to be on Endurance Horse Podcast that led me to the thought that I needed to not allow Endurance Horse Podcast to change or let it become a catch all of topics. Endurance Horse Podcast needed to stay on topic and what it was intended to be.

During the pandemic it had several other topics, as the majority of distance riding events were cancelled. This was the catalyst that propelled us to expand our horizons and explore new avenues for sharing our love for horses and creativity. The idea of the Warhorse Journal Podcast emerged—an audio experience that would celebrate the stories of participants of the challenges, authors, artists, and authentic equestrians from across the US and around the world. In each episode, we will have the freedom to explore other stories, chat with authors, artists, trainers and more. I recently freed up some time to use the skills that I learned in photography school to aid me in the creation of our digital equine art, notebooks, journals, and more. The Warhorse Journal will also be a place to share the notebooks, journals and digital artwork that I have poured my heart into. It is my hope to help riders log their time with their horses in a very real world, tangible, beautiful journal. Our time with horses is fleeting and their legacy, as well as ours, should last outside of the digital realm also as we leave a trail of stories behind as as we go. It is with this in mind that our very first riding journal was born. The Warhorse Journal, VOL 1, Misty Mornings, a 30 Day Riding Diary full of gorgeous, springtime equine art, many of which will also be for sale on canvas, metal or acrylic on The Warhorse Journal website.

At Warhorse Journal, we believe that our passion for horses can find expression in various forms. That is why we combine the beauty of equine art with the functionality of journals and notebooks. Our creations serve as a canvas for equestrians to document their own journeys, reflect on their growth, and celebrate their triumphs. Each piece we create is infused with love, the spirit of adventure, adoration of the beauty that is uniquely found in the solitude of wild places and the profound bond between horse and rider.

What began as a community centered around the Endurance Horse Podcast has blossomed into something greater. With the WARHORSE Endurance Challenges and the Warhorse Journal Podcast, we have extended our reach and created platforms for equestrians worldwide to connect, learn, and share their experiences. We have witnessed how the sense of community encouraged through the challenges has evolved into a network of passionate individuals collaborating, creating, and inspiring one another.

As we embark on this exciting journey with the Warhorse Journal, we invite you to join us in celebrating the profound connection between horses and one another on this extraordinary path.

Stay tuned for future blog posts, podcasts, and artistic endeavors that will deepen our appreciation for horses and the transformative power encouragement.

In order to help maintain this website, our blog contains affliate links for products on Amazon, for which we earn a very small commission, and if we are lucky, as some like to say, by using these links you are 'buying me a cup of coffee' or in my case, a spot of tea. Blessings all and thank you for supporting and sharing our online community. #commissionsearned #ad

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May 30, 2023

I cannot say enough about this incredible way for horse lovers to connect and share their passion for these amazing creatures. Thank you, Christina, for your continued work, creativity, love and spirit for this phenomenal Warhorse community. You are loved & appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Ride on, Warhorse peeps, and continue to love our horses & embrace our blessed journey with them. 🐎🤎

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